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The Masterplan

Bloor Homes is committed to consulting with local people and the plans for up to 300 new family homes to the south of Pepper Lane evolved through extensive engagement with the community.

Bloor Homes intends to commence the first phase of its development (47 new homes) imminently in accordance with the reserved matters permission received in January 2016. However, as a result of recent changes in the housing market, Bloor Homes is proposing to submit a revised planning application for the second phase of the scheme, comprising 304 new homes.

The latest application will result in 351 homes across the site; 51 more properties than the approved scheme. The revised layout is similar to the consented scheme, but there will now be fewer four-bedroom properties and more three-bedroom houses. In addition, the location and amount of public open space in the approved and proposed versions of the scheme is also very similar.

The Revised Scheme

Pepper Lane Standish, click to enlarge



Around 351 much-needed, high quality new family homes


An attractive scheme, sensitively designed with Standish in mind


Up to 25% affordable homes across the site to meet local needs


A range of property types and sizes, including 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes


An accessible development by car, public transport, cycle or foot


Housing accessible from two access points on the highway network


A sustainable development with properties close to shops, services and local amenities


Green space, including play areas


The retention of the best existing landscape assets and the creation of new ones


Protection and enhancement of ecological features, such as the Site of Biological Interest