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Landscaping and ecology

Bloor Homes recognises the need for the plans to integrate into the local fabric of the area, protect ecological features and provide green open spaces to provide an attractive residential development. To ascertain the presence of any habitats or species of ecological value, a variety of ecological surveys have been undertaken which have been used to inform the design of the proposals.

The layout has been carefully designed to avoid ecological impacts, wherever possible. This includes the retention of the Site of Biological Interest (a section of the site north of Robin Hill Farm West) in its entirety, as well as ensuring suitable connecting habitats are retained between all ponds and wetland areas and through the site to other areas of semi-natural habitat in the wider surroundings.

All trees protected by the Tree Preservation Order have been retained within the proposals for the site, as well as all trees identified as Grade A or B from the tree survey. The hedgerow and ditch network will also be retained, where possible, to enhance ecology and biodiversity.


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