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The Final Plans

The final masterplan submitted to Wigan Council in March 2014 has changed significantly since the public consultation in January 2014. Through consultation with the local community, Bloor Homes has been able to identify and address issues or areas of concern for local people.

In direct response to the feedback received, Bloor Homes has significantly reduced the number of homes planned for the site and decreased the size of area of land to be developed. The original plans, that were consulted on in January 2014, proposed a scheme of up to 380 homes, but in the plans submitted to Wigan Council this has been reduced by over 20% to 300 homes.

Bloor Homes has endeavoured to take the views of local people into account through the development of the final plans and we believe that the proposals for Pepper Lane would deliver new homes where they are needed and in the right way.


Pepper Lane Standish, Final masterplan, click to enlarge

The final plans for Pepper Lane would deliver:

Up to 300 high quality family homes, in a variety of different sizes and designs ranging from two to five bedroom properties

A provision of up to 25 % affordable homes to help meet local needs

An attractive scheme, sensitively designed with Standish in mind and which retains the best existing landscape assets as well as creating new ones

A development that is accessible by car, public transport, cycle or foot and in a sustainable location to shops, services and local amenities

Highways improvements to the local road network, including an estate road through the development

Over 3 hectares of green space, including a children's play area, landscaping and ecological enhancements

The protection and enhancement of natural ecological features, such as the Site of Biological Interest

Substantial investment in the construction industry locally

The creation of new jobs during the construction period, both with Bloor Homes and its contractors

Funding for Wigan Council from the Government's New Homes Bonus scheme to be spent in the local area for the benefit of the people of Standish

Additional Council Tax payments every year from new households

An economic boost for Standish as new residents spend their money in local shops and services, helping to support local businesses and sustain jobs in the area